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Stationery Dreams

We probably met back in kindergarten, but things didn't get serious until the third or forth grade. Oh yes, it was a pivotal moment when my mom took me to Walgreens to pick out the perfect Trapper Keeper for the school year. I remember it vividly -- gray with three kittens. And that's when I discovered it—the stationery aisle. I went back countless times afterschool with my brother. He'd look at magazines and get some Slim Jims, while I headed over to gaze at the newest Lisa Frank products. Good times! When I moved to Florida, finding the perfect stationery sets to write letters to my friends back in New Jersey became a big deal—especially because long-distance phone calls back in the deal costed a grip. And although my taste has far evolved from the big eyed unicorns and neon rainbow palettes on black backgrounds (well, maybe not that far), my love for stationery has only grown. 

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